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So when you notice I don’t list these games below, you’ll know why.Instead I hope you find a number of games that you haven’t heard of (or at least not much) that catch your eye and eventually provide you with hours of enjoyment..Much like previous entries in the Hidden Gems series, this guide is divided up by genre to help you find games that suit your tastes.


If I were to have compiled this a year or two ago, you would have seen a number of titles that have since gained popularity and edged into mainstream.The games I’m thinking of include Katamari Damacy, Shadow of the Colossus, the Viewtiful Joe Series, Disgea, Okami, Odin Sphere, Guilty Gear, Beyond Good & Evil, and Rez.If you’ve played all the blockbuster games on the PS2 (or PS3) already and need to dig into the lesser-known-but-equally-exciting games, this is the guide for you.I’ve had long discussions with many experienced PS2 owners in order to determine a list of all the best PS2 games that most people haven’t played (or possibly even heard of).


A special thanks to those the contributed their game summaries: Bullet Magnet, Nebachadnezza R, bonegolem, roushimsx, Perseid, executioner, and everyone else in the forum that pitched in with ideas!If you have more games to share, please use the comments section below and I’m terribly sorry if we overlooked your personal favorite!



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