Improv dating game questions Masterbationcam


Below are over 30 videos of games we have played and currently play. Wendy must deal with these two loons as they learn to do something with pets.

This was the first musical game we tried and it has quickly become one of our favorites.

DFt A plays one of the widest and largest collection of games of any CNY Improv group.

We always add new games each show so our lineup continues to grow. In this video Jon , Wendy, and Dustin play a scene, but Dustin and Jon can only say two lines a piece.

The audience gives us a title of an unlikely musical and the name of the hit song from that musical.

Our actors then must sing that song one word at a time. In this game we get an unknowing audience member to volunteer and she is escorted off to a secluded room by our Dating game host.

In this game 2 performers wear headsets, jamming out to some music.

They then recede to the back of the audience to watch a scene two other performers act out based on a suggestion from the audience.

We then have the audience pick out traits for our 3 suitors.

the audience member comes back and is led through the dating game by the host where she asks questions and then has to guess who the guys are.

Not being able to hear the suggestion or the performers, the two performers in the back come forward remove their headsets and try to re-enact what they saw guessing what it was.

In this game the Game Warden, Greg Hipius, challenges one of our improvers to a game of Alphabet.

The two of them must have a conversation where the first letter of every sentence must start with consecutive letters in the alphabet.The audience not only chooses where they are but what letter they start on.


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