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i think it started on tumblr bc people were fighting yesterday and part of me really hopes it's not so fans could try to bury the ksoo thing (which also kept getting messy) by finding another fault in someone elsei don't think it was.

typical stans were annoyed it was brought up by a BTS stan instead of taking the time to process what both people who took issue with the video and those who considered it to be a poor wording were saying.

A Korean-American EXO fan has raised the possibility of this being the product of poor translation on V-App's part and poor wording on Suho's part."as a Korean Canadian who actually speaks Korean, if you watch the video and ignore V app’s translations the sequence of events is more like this:says he’s willing to date the same zodiac sign, one cycle up and one cycle down (one cycle being 12 years)takes a few seconds to do the mathrealizes that since he’s 26 the lower end of that zodiac range is 14laughs awkwardly and nervously realizing that 14 is way too youngbacktracks and says, if i were to translate it literally, ‘ah but like, for minors, cheolkeong cheolkeong’ (which is the Korean word for the sound of chains rattling and he’s using it to imply jail without outright saying it) iirc he has made a colorist joke towards kai before and always laughs about the jokes the others make.



like honestly...i think as he was saying whatever this mess was he realized how weird it is but i'm still like ??? anyway i think this was just a rly poorly executed attempt at trying to be inclusive of all fans ??? i mean for some reason sm loves pandering to young, immature fans sometimes so i think he just did.absolute most with answering this question.

it was the weirdest and worst way to explain anything and honestly i had to take a break from him for a day or two just to get my thoughts in order abt this. it was weird and i don't like the way he answered it at all.


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