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They hand you a menu with a ‘sky price’ of each item and you feel guilty asking for even a glass of water for free!The railway in India, however, is alive and kicking. India has maintained well this technological wonder that we jointly inherited from the Colonial period.It comes with its fair share of changes; some make you feel good and others nostalgic.I eagerly waited for the but was instead visited by a waiter every 20 minutes or so.

But then it would hit a red signal that would never turn green.A majority of Pakistanis in the 20s had never had the pleasure of a train travel.), siblings jostling for a window seat, snack vendors popping up every other moment, the , uniformed ticket checkers, the signals and the crossings.All of this had existed as a fascinating sub-culture.


7 things that make a Pakistani feel at home in India However, India holds many surprises for a Pakistani visitor as well.Here are the six that I couldn't resist sharing: Train travel for a Pakistani of my age is a precious childhood memory – the anxiety of being on time, as it never awaited for anyone (not even a VIP!


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