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That should make playing the SEC a routine hell for offensive lines with a collection of some of the most-menacing front lines in the nation.

Here’s a look at four of the most-imposing defensive lines returning to the SEC for the 2016 season.

Key Returners: DE Myles Garrett, DE Daeshon Hall, DT Zaycoven Henderson, DT Daylon Mack Myles Garrett might be the best defensive player in the nation, let alone the SEC.

Garrett returns to College Station in the fall for his junior year after notching a conference-high 12.5 sacks (23.5 career).

If that wasn’t enough of an intimidation factor, the Aggies will once again bookend their defensive front with Daeshon Hall, who tied for sixth in the SEC with 7.0 sacks.

Behind Garrett and Hall at the end position are sophomores Qualen Cunningham and Jarrett Johnson, who split 6.5 tackles-for-loss in backup roles.

Head coach Barry Odom is searching for a new defensive line coach after Chris Wilson jumped ship to join Doug Pederson’s staff with the Philadelphia Eagles under the same role.

Wilson’s exits less than 40 days after taking the Tiger’s job and comes at a crucial point in the recruiting process with signing day less than a week away.

The SEC is no stranger to intimidating defensive lines.

The conference as a whole in 2015 personally dropped 401 quarterbacks before they had a chance to unload the ball. The SEC will have a real chance at surpassing the Big Ten in the sack department next year as the conference’s top-eight sack leaders return to their respective squads.

Key Returners: DE Charles Harris, DE Walter Brady, DT Harold Brantley, DT Terry Beckner Jr.

Missouri’s defensive line could be as intriguing as it is dominating in 2016 with the addition of some new and old faces.


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