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It was only moments after I posted it that my phone started flashing. The first comment, from a fashion editor uptown: “Into it.” A few more girls chimed in. But signs of the singer—who started dating Bloom shortly after the Golden Globes earlier this year—were scarce on Bloom’s account. ” Within minutes a young business-type gingerly put his hand ahead of him as he passed us. My companion looked at me incredulously, and I laughed. We’d already gotten a little Champagne-drunk at Balthazar hours before landing here, with Cherry Garcia in tow. Maybe it’s not surprising: This simple photo stream is an intimate (albeit edited) record of our lives — a roadmap, and at best, a humorous, even sexy one.


Last month, Orlando Bloom made his private Instagram account—which had been created in July of 2015—public.The actor announced his arrival in the public social-media sphere with a picture of a piece of paper, featuring the handwritten words, “I CAVED. .” Immediately, a nation of celebrity bloggers—both professional and otherwise—scoured his account for any spottings of Bloom’s girlfriend, Katy Perry. He'd been following me on Instagram for months — we had good friends in common though I'd never one of my photos — not of my face, but the spray-painted Fort Tilden concrete sidewalk, emblazoned with the words: “topless as fuck.” The dude was classy, obviously, but I knew from creeping his photos that he had a snarky sense of humor, a handsome face, and an affinity for the same Nolita neighborhood staples as myself. My answer was yes: at worst, for cocktail party fodder; at best, for the very same ) The randomness of dating in New York is something that I still love with the same humming fervor that kept me warm in my first apartment: A day that starts in one place can end entirely in another — the next beginning elsewhere, still.It conveys a surprising amount of information: your neighborhood and surroundings, preferred alcohol, favorite locales, an exhaustive picture of your dining habits, whether you have a sense of humor at all, the general attractiveness of your friends, the overall creepiness of your point of view.

The effect of that nonchalant percentage of GPOY (read: “Gratuitous Pictures of Yourself”), slipped delicately between photos of painted toes and rooftop sunsets, the lot of it aglow with the addition of a skin-illuminating “Rise” filter, is one of rosy, mysterious appeal.Granted, Instagram is a long-game, compared to, say, OKCupid.


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