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By default, Pivot Tables are not refreshed automatically, but you can specify that the Pivot Table is automatically refreshed when you open the workbook that contains the Pivot Table.Note: If you experience display or formatting changes when you refresh the Pivot Table report, make sure that the Autofit column width on update and Preserve cell formatting on update check boxes are selected on the Layout & Format tab in the Pivot Table Options dialog box (Pivot Table Tools, Options tab, Pivot Table group, Options command).Note: This can be changed in Firefox via "Tools → Options → Content / Fonts & Colors → Colors...→ Link Colors → Unvisited Links" (Firefox 1.5 and above) and via "Edit → Preferences → Appearance → Colors / Link Colors → Unvisited Links" in Mozilla Suite and Sea Monkey. True: The root folder has been created False (default until import complete): Create the root folder (unless we're using dynamic bookmarks - browser.bookmarks.import_system_favorites), and then set this pref to true. True: Enable a "live view" of system bookmarks which is read-only False (default): Opposite of above.→ View" The RDF source to use when sorting the bookmarks in the Bookmarks Manager rdf: (default) - by bookmark name rdf: - by URL rdf: URL - by bookmark keyword rdf: - by description rdf: Add Date - by bookmark creation date rdf: Modified Date - by bookmark modification date rdf: Visit Date - by date of last visit Note: In Firefox, this can be changed via "Bookmarks → Organize (or Manage) Bookmarks...


You can also refresh data from a source table in the same or a different workbook.

And you can set your workbook to refresh its Pivot Table data automatically when you open it.


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