Interacial dating breeding


You would think that educating people about the negative consequences of race-mixing would be gratefully received and seen as similar to giving warnings about the dangers of smoking or fast food.And yet, when the subject does get brought up and you do try to warn people, they don’t thank you for it, but accuse you of ‘hating’ bi-racial people instead.



This is not just because you are related to them, it is because their parents choice of partner was similar to your own parents choice of partner.

Your hereditary genes will have stayed the way that they were in your ancestors, being continually passed down from generation to generation, molding descendants in the likeness of their predecessors.

There is very little around on the internet that is specifically devoted to the subject and most people I find have never even really thought about it before.

The fact is, one quick fumble between the sheets can have a lasting negative effect on all successive generations.

This is why you get musical families, where each generation has musicians in it.The parent instinctively finds a partner with the same genes that their parents had and the talent for music can be passed on.


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