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Eine Weisheit die jeder in der Werbebranche kennt und die sich seit Jahren immer wieder bewahrheitet: Sex sells! Schöne Frauen, viel nackte Haut und dazu noch ein paar eindeutige Zweideutigkeiten – fertig ist der Werbespot.


Entscheidet man sich für die rücksichtslose Variante kommt es zum tragischen Ende und das .

Oft steht man vor Wahl zweier Optionen wobei nur eine richtig ist und die falsche letztendlich wieder zurückführt.


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    The adult dating software includes multi-language support, multi-model oriented streaming flash video chat to dating and adult usability, and on-site private sessions.

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    I am not any different from my clients with MR in that I have places where I am not as competent and need help.

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    Lunch Click also helps protect women’s privacy, with female-friendly features which deter men from frequent swiping or clicking ‘Like’ repeatedly, just to accumulate ‘likes’, having little regard for the other party’s photos and profiles.

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    If not, you can read about her dating disasters on Dear Tamika.

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    For example, there are HP, IBM, and Sony versions available. All the variations are actually built on the same codebase and technically have very little difference from the original DLA.

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    And now Sweetnam is opening for Spears and "Milkshake" maven Kelis on a 26-date tour that stops Wednesday at Philadelphia's Wachovia Center."It's an amazing opportunity, just being able to reach all those kids," she says in a telephone interview from a tour bus in Chicago.

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