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Rather primitive blood tests did not reject that Laing’s putative father was her father, and one should probably modulate down the likelihood of a white woman having an affair with a black man in apartheid South Africa, and, keeping the child.How do we assess the probabilities of paternity vs.Obviously the fact that a child who was obviously of non-white ancestry was born to conservative Afrikaner parents during the period of apartheid is a story which elicited some interest in South Africa at the time, and the “talk of the town” very literally.Sandra Laing’s paternity was under some debate, and it was a working assumption by many that the mother was unfaithful.



A few years ago I thumbed through a book which detailed Laing’s tumultuous life, When She Was White: The True Story of a Family Divided By Race.I’m no geneticist or biologist, but it looks like Sandra is a product of an black South African and maybe a white Afrikaneer.I’m saying, it looks like somebody in her family was lying. Is it possible Sandra’s mother was “getting love” from a undeniably-black man on the side?The tests they used to prove her father’s paternity could have been faulty. I’m not trying to throw salt on Laing’s game, I’m just not convinced the complete truth has been unearthed.

I need to see more cases like this to be convinced these particular extremes are probable.

But in those cases the parents themselves were often of mixed ancestry (or at least one was).


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