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Why didn’t you change when you were still together? May be you’ve been doing all the wrong things and made things worse.Begging, pleading, telling your ex how much you love him/her and all those texts and the really long email… May be you’ve been trying to get your ex back for what seems like a long, long time.He/she is still looking at you and a future with you based on the past, and as far as he/she is concerned, the relationship ended for a reason. The old relationship ended for a reason and your ex doesn’t want it back — and frankly, neither should you. Things that not only hurt your chances of getting back together, but damage the very foundation of a relationship you are trying to save, and hold on to. You don’t want to risk creating distance between the two of you, and giving someone else space to walk in– and win over your ex’s heart. May be you messed up royally and your ex is indifferent towards you.

those things only make your ex want to get away as far as possible — may be even cut off all contact. Whatever it is you have been doing, it’s time to STOP. Reprogram your relationship with loving behaviours and positive energy! Every day that passes, your ex’s emotions and feelings fade.


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