Intimidating coaches

As sports parents, it's critical for you to be prepared to protect your young athletes.If you think this issue won't ever come up in your kids' sports careers, think again.


Many coaches will change their behavior if you approach them in an appropriate manner.

We've received letters of confession from coaches who say that once they understood how much their words and actions hurt their athletes, they changed their style.

Bully coaches are the number one topic parents write us about at Kids' Sports Psychology.

Have your kids ever had a coach who yelled at, insulted or intimidated them?


More: 6 Tips for Coaching Your Own Child Whether a coach's bullying is intentional or unintentional, your job as sports parents is the same.

If your athletes are teased, excluded or otherwise treated badly by coaches, you need to take steps to help keep their confidence intact, stay focused under adversity, and remain in sports.


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