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But the last couple of seasons have seen a change in this, with the world of interior design making patchwork tiles a much sought-after trend.

Admittedly, this is not an idea for everyone, and if you have a disorganized home that already looks messy, then a patchwork of contrasting tiles seems even more out of place.

Think of patchwork patterns, and the first thing that comes to mind is plush quilts that often bring along with them fun motifs.

Go a step further, and the idea of patchwork rugs is what you stumble upon.

You can choose tiles either in colors that complement the existing color scheme of the kitchen or add bold, bright and striking new hues along with ample pattern.


Patchwork tiles essentially give you creative freedom, and they allow you to add color and pattern to a room in abundance, yet you are definitely not limited by conventional design wisdom.

From eclectic to exquisite, monochromatic to those with Mediterranean vitality, each composition is unique, expressive and intriguing.

And if you wish to get in on the trend, the Looking to give your kitchen backsplash an entirely new and exceptional look?

Why not move away from those old subway tiles in white for once and try out patchwork tiles this summer?

Patchwork tiled backsplashes are not just fashionable, they also instantly add color and pattern to the contemporary kitchen that is generally devoid of both.Another smart option is monochromatic patchwork tiles that feel a lot more modern and also give the modern kitchen a more curated visual appeal.


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