Intimidating female names

Of course that is what they were originally bred for - a companion dog to serve and protect it's family. Hera Aphrodite(afro-dit-e) Athena Bellona Diana Freya Gaia Helios Iris Isis Juturna Kirshna Liza Luna Maia Min Mercury Nanna Ostara Phoebe Quetzalcoatl Rhea Shiva Sin Tianhou Utu Vesta Xipe Ymir Zea :// I got most from there He is a very cute dog but is so funny. He watches tv with us and his girlfriends name is princess but she passed is a tan dog with white going down his chest and his ears are clipped.

He is a dog you will love and you would he runs in the house he runs in the wall. I am going to get another one but name it [ blue bully].

That is what my blue nose Pitt is called because he was born big and takes after his name..

Beautiful 7 yr old rescued, 110 lb, 100% purebred pit bull.

Strong, friendly, protective yet lives to cuddle with those he knows. As for the name, he's wise beyond his years and the only thing I can say is it just fits him!


aggressive name by reputation, aggressive breed by reputation thanks to all the lame f%*k heads out there who breeds these dogs to be fighters.

Capone might have a fierce name to go with his appearance, but hes the nicest family dog anyone could ask for.


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