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We make a mistake, and we or someone else suffer from the consequences.

And so the distress thats caused helps us in our resolve never to do the same again.

Today, as part of our Advent preparations for Christmas, I want to explain how repentance is more than just saying sorry; it is a change of heart and mind, only fully achievable by a total openness to God.

an ingenious child soon learns how to say sorry, in a way that sounds full of remorse, while hes actually already preparing the next misdemeanour. Lukes description of John the Baptist, we hear how John told his hearers to bear fruit in keeping with repentance. It meant sharing things that were surplus to their requirements.


Sometimes Gods grace is given as a result of a painful experience.a: to feel regret or contrition b: to change one's mind... ask forgiveness *Synonyms: apologize, atone, be ashamed, be contrite, be sorry, bewail, deplore, feel remorse, have qualms, lament, reform, regret, relent, reproach oneself, rue, see error of ways, show penitence, sorrow.*and John the Baptist was known for leading people into a ‘baptism of repentance’.


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