Introducing children to new dating partner

Goertz suggests approaching the subject by discussing how you've felt lonely and you're ready to establish a relationship with someone new.


Goertz suggests doing an activity together – try go-karting, skating or just going for a walk.

Introduce the idea before the person Talk to your kids about the fact that you are dating before you introduce them to anyone in particular.

Be honest about your feelings and explain why you have been spending time with someone new.

This way, your children won't have to focus entirely on the new person and they'll feel more relaxed in a play environment.

However, once you've found someone you're confident will fit into your family, slowly introduce him or her to your children. Goertz suggests telling people you're dating that it's important to you that your kids' lives not be disrupted and that you'll tell them you're dating when you feel the time is right.

Talk to your new partner about your kids As you're getting to know someone new, tell him or her how important your kids are to you. Your new partner may be just as uncomfortable with the situation as your kids, so you may need to calm his or her fears as well and ease that person into getting to know your family.


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