Invalidating someone elses experience

Have you ever known what it feels like to be in a reciprocalrelationship?

If these questions trigger memories of awkward, familiar sensations, it means you were programmed as a small child to believe that receiving vital supplies of attention, affection and emotional support came at a substantial cost to your parent(s).

As you read through this material, you might experience sudden sleepiness or perhaps a little sadness.

How often have you heard yourself say, "I'm a giver, not a taker"?Have you experienced any discomfort when receiving something from another~ whether it's a gift, a compliment or a kind gesture?While you may choose to take a short break, rest assured that there's nothing to fear from these uneasy feelings, and I encourage you to continue.You'll get the most value from this information, if you return to the A fairly large number of clients have reported that throughout their life, their mother commented on what a 'good baby' they'd been; "you never cried" is what they were repeatedly told while growing up.


Very young, you learned to accommodate and normalize these bad feelings, and began putting the feelings and needs of others far ahead of your own, because doing You might identify yourself as a 'rescuer type' personality, but you were not born with this trait.It was cultivated in you from an early age, and it's directly due to faulty relationship dynamics with an impaired parent (or two).


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