Iphone camera updating library

According to Apple’s vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi, i OS 8 has already achieved 48 percent installed base on active i OS devices, making it the most used version of the OS.Today, the company has rolled out i OS 8.1 to build upon the success of its latest release.



The update also paves the way for the release of Apple Pay, the NFC-based mobile payment system that will be available starting October 20.The operating system update brings with it the public beta of the i Cloud photo library, a feature that Apple has teased for some time.Apple on Friday pushed out a minor update for its newly released i OS 10 platform, squashing a handful of bugs for i Phone and i Pad users, most notably one related to controls on Lightning-connected headphones.Although none of the bugs fixed in i OS 10.0.2 were showstoppers, the top one —related to Lightning headphones— proved to be an annoyance for i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus early adopters.


The full list of changes spotlighted by the company are: Apple had revealed earlier this week that it was working on a bug related to the Lightning-connected Ear Pods that ship with the new i Phone 7 series.The issue caused the attached multifunction remote control to intermittently stop functioning.



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