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No system is perfect (no, not even a Mac), nor is any peripheral or gadget. Perhaps it's a constantly-crashing Chrome that makes a simple Google search take five times as long.Or maybe it's the sluggishness of i Tunes and its annoying sync issues. Tanner Menees’ participation in Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute is made possible by the Max and Lottie Gerber/Oscar Gerber Fellowship from the Max and Lottie Gerber Foundation, Inc., the Miriam B.


Many of us spend a large chunk of our day on the computer.

So, when you add up all that time—at home, at school, at work, and on commutes—it's not surprising that we occasionally get frustrated with something on our laptops or desktops. There are computer-related annoyances that we deal with daily, and most of them have to do with software.


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