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They are thought to pay around €25,000 for a kilo of cocaine, which, when shipped to Ireland, is diluted four to five times, with each diluted kilo selling for €25,000.The Irish gangs in Spain and Holland often join a conglomerate of networks in the importation of multi-tonne shipments from South America.Irish gangs’ direct line with cocaine exporters in South and Central America was referenced in a massive report, EU Drug Markets, published yesterday by the EU’s police and drug agencies.“Direct connections from Central America into Ireland and the United Kingdom indicate connections between Irish and British OCGs [organised crime groups] with drug cartels in South and Central America,” said the report.



Up to five of these syndicates have direct connections with South and Central America and sometimes orchestrate an entire shipment of cocaine into Ireland, sometimes via Europe.

They include the Spanish-based Christy Kinahan cartel — currently involved in a feud with the Hutch gang — and a trafficking network controlled by a veteran criminal based in Holland and Germany.


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