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As long as you’re not hoping for any truly innovative or revolutionary new features, Apple’s new i OS 10 software is a pretty terrific update.

It’s packed full of great new features, many of which i Phone and i Pad users have been clamoring for — here are the 10 best new features you’ll find in i OS 10.

MUST READ: The 10 biggest changes coming to your i Phone today with i OS 10 When you first update your i Phone or i Pad to i OS 10, your device is going to take a serious hit where battery life is concerned.

Here’s what’s going on: when you first install a major i OS update, two things happen that have a negative impact on battery life.

First, you use your i Phone or i Pad much more than you do normally because you want to check out all the new feature.

You’ll also find tons of refinements and enhancements across the board.

Nearly every Apple app has been updated with nifty new functionality, and Siri is smarter than ever in i OS 10.


Regardless, get ready to see plenty of complaining once i OS 10 hits the general public on Tuesday.

One of the biggest complaints you’re going to see is going to focus on big hits to battery life, but don’t start to panic just yet.


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