Is bill maher dating anyone

The gist is that Bill and Arianna were at a party and they were deep in conversation, it seems. Bill Maher has sworn off leggy models half his age and is getting serious with a brainy babe five year his senior – media queen Arianna Huffington.

Maher has fallen hard for Huffington, says sources.

First, there will be a live broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher at 9 p.m. C., featuring interview guests Jerry Seinfeld and U. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, as well as panelists Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, former Mississippi Gov. Your old ABC show was titled Politically Incorrect, and it seems like, in this day and age, we’ve become very politically correct—especially when it comes to comedy.

If someone, say, cracks a rape joke, the pitchforks will come out. We did a rant at the end of our show about two months ago about the return of political correctness, and I was actually saying in it, “Please don’t make me go back to my old title, because I feel like I’m back in the ’90s where I have to rail against political correctness at all times now.” And it’s even worse now because in the ’90s we didn’t have the Internet, which has become a minefield for people to step into, and everyone on the Internet it seems is just laying in wait for someone to say the wrong thing, use the wrong word, or somehow step over the line the least little bit, and I just think it’s awful.

claims that Arianna and Bill are something of a hot new couple out in LA, and that Bill has “sworn off leggy models” et cetera.

They make a big point about how Arianna is five years older than Bill, and that the love match is probably based on intelligence rather than sex, I guess.

I hated it in the ’90s, I hate it today, and the only difference now is I’ve been baptized in this fire so many times that I don’t give a fuck anymore when they come after me.



C., followed by the live standup special Bill Maher: Live From D. The pot-smoking, religion-bashing, “Superhead”-dating sultan of sarcasm’s been through it all before—namely, the cancellation of his late-night ABC talk show Since 2003, he’s been the host of the HBO talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, which offers frank panel discussions on current events in politics and media. [Laughs] That’s what I always do—I agree to things, and then the week comes around where I actually have to do it and I think, “What the fuck did I do this for?The show’s received critical praise, and has been nominated for the Emmy every year from 2005 to 2013. 12, fans of the political satirist will be in for a special treat. After that, he’ll race a few blocks over to the Warner Theatre for a live standup special, Bill Maher: Live From D. The Daily Beast caught up with Maher as he preps for his two-hour comedy block for a candid discussion about the current events of the day, from the celebrity nude hacking scandal to Ray Rice, and his comments about ISIS and Islam. ” But I’m stuck with it now, so I better pull it off.


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