Is daniel radcliffe gay and dating tom felton

That's the weirdest rumor I've heard yet. They were spotted at a Cafe on Valentine's day near Daniel's house.

Emma was trying to cover up her face with her scarf, but paparazzi still recognized her.

Draco & Harry (HP/DM) write a dirty one-shot together. This is not about anyone but Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Tom había creído toda su vida que era un Slytherin y que bateaba sólo para el lado heterosexual. Esta historia fue escrita y posteada por primera vez en el año 2007.

In their seventh year at Hogwarts, Draco and Harry create characters for themselves inside the work of fanfiction, and write a FICTIONAL work.

They argued that they were out as "friends", but what kind of friends go out to eat on the most romantic holiday of the year?

RATED EXPLICIT FOR A REASON: None of the characters are mine! Entonces, un buen día, Pottermore y Dan se encargaron de demostrarle, respectivamente y por separado, que en ambas afirmaciones había estado profundamente equivocado. Written for the prompt "Harry Potter (film), Tom Felton/Dan Radcliff, for those lives that tear at the seams we know we're not what we've seen, bonus for incorporation of cricket in anyway ;)" at finkpishnets's real person ficathon.El rodaje de las películas aún no ha concluido, por lo tanto su relación tiene que seguir siendo un secreto. After a fistfight that had him indefinitely suspended from his hockey team, Tom Felton decided to stay at his friends' town - boring old Southminster.


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