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In 1751, Smith was appointed professor of logic at Glasgow University and a year later professor of moral philosophy.

He became part of a brilliant intellectual circle that included David Hume, John Home, Lord Hailes and William Robertson.

Adam Smith's exact date of birth is unknown, but he was baptised on 5 June 1723.

His father, a customs officer in Kirkcaldy, died before he was born. He returned to Kircaldy in 1746 and two years later he was asked to give a series of public lectures in Edinburgh, which established his reputation.

This series of seven short Bible lessons plus a synopsis approaches the problem of learning a basic sequence of events from a different perspective. These dating systems usually began their counts from either a significant event (e.g. For example, the ancient Babylonians dated events starting from the first year of Nabonassar, their first ruler. Years that occur AFTER the birth of Jesus were labeled "A. Over the years, however, research has shown that the initial calculations determining the year of Jesus' birth are off by anywhere from one to six years!

This volume, 'Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations', was the first major work of political economy.


In 1778, Smith was appointed commissioner of customs in Edinburgh.In 1783, he became a founding member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In 1764, Smith left Glasgow to travel on the Continent as a tutor to Henry, the future Duke of Buccleuch.While travelling, Smith met a number of leading European intellectuals including Voltaire, Rousseau and Quesnay. He published a volume which he intended to be the first part of a complete theory of society, covering theology, ethics, politics and law.

A common difficulty that many people who study the Bible run into, especially those new to God's word, is trying to place characters and events in a proper sequence in some kind of timeline. when referencing years before his arrival on earth.

It is common for those attempting the memorization of dates and events to feel so overwhelmed by all of the details that they become discouraged and simply give up!


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