Is garrett hedlund dating

that their very first date definitely wasn’t their best date, as the two fell out of the canoe and had to swim back to the shore in “mucky, s**tty water, like golf-pond water.” But it wasn’t the first date that made Kirsten Dunst fall in love with Hedlund.



Dunst was nominated for her role in the second season of Kirsten Dunst added that her future wedding day, which apparently now won’t include Hedlund, would be organized for family and friends and would involve a dinner party and a DJ.Kirsten Dunst has recently shared a Flashback Friday pic featuring herself and Brad Pitt 21 years ago, according to The plot of the movie, starring Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise, is centered around two vampires (Pitt and Cruise) enjoying their immorality in modern-day San Francisco.Dunst, who received a Golden Globe nomination for the role, played their 12-year-old vampire daughter.The 33-year-old actress said she would treat her big day as her 40th birthday.

Kirsten Dunst also revealed she would want to start a family, saying she would want two kids “for sure.” It wasn’t the first time the actress talked about getting pregnant, previously admitting that she was in “baby mode” because two of her good friends were pregnant at the time.

The throwback picture uploaded by Kirsten Dunst looks rather awkward, with Pitt standing behind his child co-star with his blond long hair.


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