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“They looked adorable together,” an onlooker tells Just “Eve kept whispering in James’ ear and they exchanged a few kisses.” Cute couple! THERE’S NO denying that the FX4 had a tough act to follow.Since its launch in 1948, the FX3 had become an indelible part of the post-war London scene, carrying thousands of people every day and appearing in countless black and white films of the period.Replacing it would not be a straightforward process.Apart from having to take into account its iconic status and the fact that it was so well-loved, not only by the cabbies but also by so many of their “punters” (cabbie-talk for the paying customers), there was also the not-inconsiderable matter of the Public Carriage Office (PCO) regulations.

hunk James Lafferty is dating Eve Hewson, the daughter of U2 rock legend Bono (she was born Memphis Eve Hewson).James, 25, and Eve, 19, looked like quite the couple on Tuesday (December 28) while watching the Leopardstown Horse Races with her dad and mom Ali from their private box in Dublin, Ireland.


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