Is jojo dating andre 3000


The “André” music video opens with Jo Jo chilling in her man's apartment as he gets ready for an art showcase.

The former “Leave (Get Out)” singer looks gorgeous in a short 'do rocking his flannel and later appears in a graffitied up hallway with big hair and a leather jacket.

Since then, Jo Jo has been under the radar, doing a little bit of film and TV work, dropping mixtapes and dealing with constant label conflict.

But aside from that, with her being out of sight, babygirl has kind of been out of our minds.But I couldn’t help but stop and pay attention when she put out this new video of herself and an amazing guitarist performing a cover of Andre 3000’s, “Prototype,” off of the album.The 18-track project features Travis Scott, Willow Smith, and two guest spots apiece from André 3000 and Pharrell Williams.It’s also broken into four acts: “Tuned,” “Prophecy,” “Niveaux de l’Amour,” and “It’s Bright and Heaven Is Warm.” Mysteriously appearing without a title, some speculate that this could be the tracklisting for his previously-announced album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin, which was expected to drop over the summer.

This would also explain uplifting song titles like “Swim in the Light” and Act 4’s name: “It’s Bright and Heaven Is Warm.” In May, Cudi said this album would feature “no sad dark songs,” adding, “Only light!

” In any case, Cudder has promised even better music to come.


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