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If you draft Jennings in general, you are likely to be more focused on your Fantasy Basketball team come December.

So even if you did follow this strategy, it is early enough to fix the problem.

So you are supposed to hold a roster spot for someone you may play for two or three weeks (at most) in an entire season.

And it’s not like these players can be a Buy Week fill in either.

As everyone has finished up their drafts, looking forward to the first game of the season when the Giants and Cowboys face off, Wednesday 9/5/12, there is a key strategy that may kill your playoff chances.


When drafting, reaching for any player is a terrible strategy but reaching for a back-up is just ridiculous.

Players like Gerhart and Jennings value right now (both of which likely to start Week 1) is higher than ever.

Why would you take Toby Gerhart because you have Adrian Peterson over players that you know will get a full work load all season (barring injury)?

Is Gerhart a better option than Shonn Greene and Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis?

But these are the same experts that told us to draft Mike Vick with the first pick or ranked Gronkowski and Graham as only worthy of late round fliers last year.

So obviously these experts really know about as much as the rest of us; they just get a nice paycheck for throwing darts.


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