Is nick dating miley

Now Miley, these are some serious hard feelings about Selena.But really, you are totally acting on hunches and suspicions. But — and this is a big but — when Miley and Nick, 22, broke up, Selena stepped into her relationship shoes and got romantic with Nick in 2008. Miley must have thought that Selena violated the “girl code” of never dating one of your girlfriends’ exes.And clearly, Selena’s supposed “betrayal” has stayed under Miley’s thin skin. 21 to pointedly mock Selena by posting a photo of herself in a black push-up bra with pouty lips, just four days after Selena posted a very similar pic. And yes, Selena has over 7 million more Instagram followers, with 22.8 million verses Miley’s 15.5 million.You two are young and in the exact same business; you will be running into each other for decades to come.Miley made her diss even more obvious with this caption: “Do yiew tink if I push muah titties up I’ll get mo followahhhzzzz? Well, Selena took the diss challenge and shot right back at Miley with an Instagram sticking her tongue way out, à la Miley’s signature pose.But I have to point out that Selena has been the more restrained party in this feud.Nothing that we’ve found out at Hollywood proves that there is any truth behind any of your worries.


“It happened when Miley and Selena were friends — at least Miley Selena was her friend, and then she felt like she got totally stabbed in the back. It was devastating to her.” Miley’s mad, bad feelings about Selena didn’t end there.

She also believes that Selena stood in the way of Miley’s friendship with Justin Bieber, 20, because Selena feared that Miley had tried to hook up with him, added the source.


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