Is nick jonas dating selena stop your computer updating


Nelena was spotted together multiple times and she even starred as his love interest in the "Burning Up" music video.on the big screen, she had the role alongside Nick in London.Despite their almost 10-year age gap, Nick and the Australian singer dated for almost 10 months after working together in the studio.The two never hid their romance and seemed very happy together but ultimately ended broke up in 2012.

Clearly, this year’s Met Gala was the place to be if you’re looking for romance.

Remember, that’s when Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston met and danced the night away, leading to what is now known as When Nick and Miley broke up at the end of 2007, he was quick to fall into the arms of another Disney starlet.

No one knew that Rita and Nick had a thing until Nick released a song in 2013 called "What Do I Mean To You," which said her name in it.

According to Nick, the song is about someone who was not very nice to him.

And it seems like two of those flings have their own ~thing~ going on rn.According to alum’s 37-year-old former bed buddy, Diplo, are an item. Though his rep denies the romance, the blonde actress and the DJ, who met at the Met Gala, and even exited the party together, reportedly linked back up recently near Ibiza, Spain.


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