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This being 2012, they didn't stick to writing Live Journal poetry and crying into their cardboard cut-outs of him.They took to Twitter, and the results ranged from the kinda sweet, to the kinda material that might get you a police escort.Not sure I understand the idea of hashtagging your heartbreak though. Hashtagging it means you might end up indexed alongside people who are tweeting about dead budgies and Robin van Persie. The Mail Online article on the matter had some predictably nuts retweeters.“The date hasn’t officially been set yet but we’re thinking some time early next year, maybe spring next year,” Tom said. Bieber, Malik, Olly Riley, that little bro with all the hooded vests from JLS, it's time to stand down, because there's a new domestic heartthrob in town. You might have a couples of Brits and maybe even a magazine "lushest lad in pop" award, but you've got no chance against the glorious, post-Team GB superiority of Tom Daley.While he was being interviewed, Tom opened up about fiance Dustin Lance Black and that they have slowly started planning their upcoming wedding.Tom joked at the possibility of the attire being “swimwear-only” and also shared that the wedding will most likely be sometime next year.But their affection for poor old Tom has taken a massive hit with the news that he's been spotted out on a date with a girl named Kassidy Cook (an American diver apparently, and not the foul-mouthed Dirty South Rn B star her name suggests she might be).



First up were the people who took a more sensitive approach to the sad news that Tom may be off the market.The ones who would probably turn this experience into something positive in the end, like an album of multi-platinum selling torch songs, perhaps.


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