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And he would have disbelieved it even stronger if told that in that sacred mission he would be one in a pair consisting of himself and the greatest but notorious shaman of the era, Lord Abe Seimei (the one he eyes with suspicion here in the picture).

Doesn't care a fig about political power himself, Abe Seimei is a reluctant hero as well; he only saves Japan because Minamoto Hiromasa wants him to, and he loves this sidekick that much.'Sherlock' Seimei's first case brought them together: Lord Kaneie (might be a Fujiwara clansman) finds a fruit growing on a cypress at his backyard.

Their Japanese world was, in truth, a narrow circle of court nobles; both individually and collectively they had no eyes for anything beyond themselves.

Hiromasa, when called to figure out what to do, thinks it is fun to let it be, but Kaneie forces him to fetch Abe Seimei to get rid of the fruit and the curse embedded therein.

As a clan of warriors, the real-life Minamotos were not detectives; instead they have been famous as great archers and swordsmen.

These guys were gay and smart and their lives were generally safe and sound -- unless, of course, things like what happen to Hiromasa and Seimei here did happen.'Heian' (today's Kyoto) means 'City of Peace'. The main street of this Japanese capital city in 1100's is one of the wonders in this movie.

The young, carefree, twentysomething Lord Minamoto Hiromasa isn't interested in politics, having no thoughts of power-struggles, and generally loving to be alive with no grand narratives at all.He wouldn't have believed it if someone told him he's gonna be the defender of the realm against an all-evil scheme involving demons of all sorts, and that without him the Emperor of Japan would have been crushed to oblivion along with the entire country.


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