Its just lunch dating service prices cost dating life in india


One of the newest dating services in town is It's Just Lunch!

, which has signed 250 Baltimore members since July.

But joining a dating service can cost you more than a gym membership, yearly Blockbuster tab and Valentine's Day dinner combined.

Services range from 5 for six introductions to ,995 for 36 dates.

Telephone listings for dating services have increased from 21 to 28 in two years."Baltimore is a real hotbed for singles," said Nancy Kirsch, regional director of It's Just Lunch!

, a nationwide dating service that opened a Baltimore office in July.

Tired of being fixed up by your mother, hearing the same old pickup lines at the corner bar and spending Saturday nights watching "Love Boat" re-reruns, you've decided to put your love life in the hands of a higher power: A dating service.


The company's name says it all: Members are set up on lunch dates, which tend to be less intimidating than dates on a weekend night."People don't want to spend their Saturday night with someone they don't know if they like yet," Kirsch said."We like to set up a nonthreatening environment without the awkward good-night kiss."The privately owned company, based in Chicago, has 14 offices and plans 20 by the end of the year. Kirsch, a bubbly newlywed who calls herself a "real yenta," studies the biographies and photos provided by her mostly college-educated clients for good matches.


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