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We recommend you to use the default view tag, which is jenkins_${USER_NAME}${JOB_NAME}${DASH_WORKSPACE_NUMBER}.This will allow you to generate unique view tag whatever your configuration is.The plugin uses the cleartool executable to work with a Clear Case server.

Freeze code : This options will create a child stream under the configured stream and will use it for the build.On each build, Jenkins will rebase the build stream with the latest baselines found the configured stream.If the config spec contains "vobs/gtx2" then the VOB path(s) field should be set to gtx2.This plugin allows you to use either base Clear Case and UCM Clear Case as the SCM for your Jenkins projects.

This plugin doesn't support CCRC (Clearcase Remote Client), and probably never will, given the large differences of implementation between this client and the full client.The SCM also supports polling, so it can start a build when changes are detected on the branch, label or stream specified in the job configuration.



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