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There were several Mc Clurkin's on the 5 ships, including (though not limited to): 4 Jameses, 2 Richards, 2 Thomases, 1 Samuel, 1 Mary, 1 Eleanor, 1 Lillias, 1 Jane. Wit: Joseph Barnett, Samuel Woodruff Senr., Easter X Shurley. I have little doubt that Misaja Lindsay is Micajah Lindsey and widow Mc Clunkin is widow Mc Clurkin. Wit James Allen and Samuel Woodruff signed Jane Mc Clurkin; s mark wit oath Samuel Woodruff to George Bruton re . Isaac Crow in his will gives to Sarah Crow the other half of the tract of land whereon he lives, also one tract lying on the Tiger River being the tract he bought from Macajah Lindsey and the heirs of the widow Mc Clurkin. This 100 acres was part of 1000 acre grant by Gov William bull to James Sample Jr. The information from the Revill book indicates that Richard was married when he applied for land, though it may have been to someone else. When Castleberry sales the same piece of property it is stated that it was part of a grant to Jean Mcclearkin. Apr 1800 Jane Mc Clurkin from Carlton Lindsey, both of Rutherford Co., for 100 pounds: 50 acres on branches of the north fork of White Oak Creek waters of the Green River, bounded by GREEN, patent originally granted to JESHONIAS TABER by Gov. He wants 100 acres taken off the upper end of said tract, land adjacent to Chasneys land and Wm. However, James Mc Clurkin may have been Jane's husband and Elizabeth's father. Notes for RICHARD Mc CLURKIN: James Mc Clurkin may have been Elizabeth Mc Clurkin's father, and the husband of Jane Dunwoody. Came from Ireland in the Ship "Brigantine Free Mason" in the year 1772. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 25th day of May 1822. Paulling Thomas Carrol The State of Alabama, County Court of Jefferson. The Tennison Groves Papers on microfilm LDS Family History Centre, 100173, 1766. However, see the following, posted to the Mc Clurkin Genform by Butch Sanders :: It is true that Lois C. [13-504:5] probably the names transcribed as Charles Devian and Charles Denam were the same. to Lois Meyer's notes, "On May 2, 1785, Jane Mc Clurken took land in her own name in Spartanburg County. Whereas the last Will and Testament of Jane Mc Clerkin, duely proved at a County Court held for said County at the court house in the town of Elyton on the first Monday in February 1823, in the will appoint Joshua Harrison and Miss Vesta Mc Clerkin, and the said Joshua Harrison and Miss Vesta Mc Clerkin having given bond and securities and taken the oath required by law therefore that the will of said testator may be well and duely performed, we by these presence grant and commit to said Joshua Harrison and Miss Vesta Mc Clerkin the administration of all and singular goods and chattles, rights and credits, whatsoever belonging to said Joshua Harrison and Miss Vesta Mc Clerkin at the time of her death. ========================================================================== More About JANE DUNWOODY: Fact 1 (2): 1800, Census: Rutherford Co. Myer in her early work suggested that James Mc Clurkin Jr. However, in what would seem to be a later work, she states that Jane Dunwoody married Richard Mc Clurkin by whom she had the 5 daughters (that migrated from Rutherford Co., NC to Jefferson Co., AL. According to the true and intent and meaning of said will, hereby requiring said Joshua Harrison and Miss Vesta Mc Clerkin to file in the Clerk's Office of said court with three months from this date a true and full inventory of said goods and chattles, rights and credits, and to render a true and full account of administration when thereto legally required. Clerk of said Court at office the first Monday in February 1823 Test: James Dodds, Clerk C. Issued: Third day of February 1823 John Brown, Judge of C.


Evidence cited in support of Richard Mc Clurkin/Jane Dunwoody union is based on property transactions. ============================================================================== Land Records: Jefferson Co. AL Deed Book 11, pg 80: Jane Mc Clurkin, Robert Waldrop and wife Nancy, Zachariah Waldrop and wife Hester of Jefferson Co.

In 1773 Richard and wife received 150 acre grant on Jamey's Creek just east of present day Woodruff (and what is now called Jimmy's Creek). AL, and Micajah Lindsey and wife Elizabeth of Tishomingo Co.

1773" Grant by Gov William Moultrie to Jane Mc Clurkin. Signed Thomas Mc Clurkin wit oath Fielding Foster to Thomas Farrow. Several researchers state that Richard Mc Clurkin was the husband of Jane Dunwoody.

Jane Mc Clurkin sells 100 acres to Paul Cassleberry for 0. A Grant by Gov William Moultrie to Jane Mc Clurkin. Probably unrelated to the Richard and Jane issue, we find this 1794 deed for property in same general vacinity: Thomas Mc Clerkin sells 100 acres to Edward hooker for 20 pds sterling. They have also stated that they were married in SC.


In 1785, Jane Mc Clurkin received property in her own name in what seems to be the same location. Here's a summary of these key transactions and others: Richard Mc Clurkin was granted 150 acres of land in Spartanburg Co. Grant between the Tyger and Enoree River: borders Spencer Bobo, Tod (since sold to John Rainwater) John Stone, Whitaker, Kirnber(? William Martin who came on 5 ships from Ireland to Charleston SC. MS of first part to John Smith and Octavius Spenser of 2nd part. Found in Alabama Records, Vol 58, by Pauline Jones Gandrud. SC) lists Jane Mc Clurkin as a widow with 5 minor daughters, and 1 male under 16 years who could be a son or a hired boy. NC] lists her with 1 female 16-25 (would have been Jane) and 2 females 10-16 (would have been Hester and Vesta). NC] lists her with 2 females 16-26, which would have been Jane & Vesta. 1775: 100 acres in Craven County on waters of Rayburns Creek. Jameys Creek, waters of Tyger River, bounded by Charles Denem, Isaac Crow; survey 5 Feb. ) and Mc Cullock (lease to Edward Hooker) Wit Fielding Foster, Sarah Casey, and John foster. Should note that Edward Hooker and wife Millay sell to Thomas Tod for 50 pd sterling the 100 acres he had bought from Thomas Mc Clerkin 3 months earlier for 20 pd sterling. Butch ============================================================================================================================================================= Came to US on the Brigantine Free Mason in 1772. Jan 6, 1773, given warrants for 150 acres - the amount for a man & wife - from A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773, compiled by Jane Revill C 1968. Bk 13: - MARY DUNLAP, 9 June 1775: 100 acres on a branch of Jameys Creek, waters of Tyger River. 1817 Micajah Lindsey and the rest of the heirs of the "Widow Mc Clurkin" sold 100 acres along Jamies Creek in Spartanburg to Isaac Crow. NC Deeds : Book 15-17, p 265, 1801 Carlton Linsey to Jane Mc Clerkin Possibly her daughter Jane: Book 34, p 1, 1822 Jane Mc Clarken to John W Allen Book 34, p 2, 1822 Jane Mc Clarken to John W Allen ========================================================================= South Carolina Memorials: Abstracts of Land Titles/ Vol 1/ 1774-1776 Abstacted by: Jesse Hogan Motes III & Margaret Peckham Motes (c)1996 Southern Historical Press, Inc., Greenville, SC ISBN 0-89308-697-5 p.



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