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will be published in November by Polis Book, a digital start-up publisher that launched earlier this summer. Shupak’s debut novel, which she describes as “fun, girly fiction” will be familiar to anyone who has followed Ms. The book follows a New York City traffic reporter named Guiliana Layne as she navigates being single for the first time in her adult life after her engagement to her college sweetheart is derailed. Shupak’s alter-ego gets into trouble at work, which, according to Ms. “Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been in trouble a day in my life,” she said. Shupak have any misgivings about writing about her broken engagement? “When I first started at NY1, I had a ring on my finger and then I didn’t.” Plus, she already covered it in her dating column. Stelter think about his girlfriend’s roman à clef Although Ms. Stelter, she described him as “really excited” about the book and said she let him choose his character’s name. “Some things about the character are so Brian and some things are so not Brian,” she said.

“I love the idea of waking people up in the morning.

I never really want a 9-to-5 job,” says Shupak, who boasts she’s never been late for her a.m. Shupak had an awakening of her own in the past year.

After nearly 10 years with her college sweetheart and an engagement of 21⁄2 years, she found herself back on the market in a most unpleasant way — she says her fiancé was having an affair. I’m single for the first time in my adult life, and that’s why I’m really open to everything,” says the candid reporter.

So open that her weekly calendar can be filled with up to three dates. I’ll meet up with almost anyone for a drink, and I’ve met a lot of great guys,” says Shupak.

“I’ve been very lucky that everyone and their mother wants to set me up . It’s also led to a second career as a dating columnist for Complex magazine, where she chronicles the challenges of dating in Manhattan, which have been mostly positive. I get that a lot of people are jaded and really negative about dating, but it’s so new and fun for me. [Any] guy is going to have to get along with them, and I think about that pretty early on.” The Post put New York’s newest single lady — who has a wardrobe full of colorful J.

I think it’s about your attitude, and I’m not in any big rush,” says Shupak, who adds that the best date she’s had thus far was a guy who took her to an Eagles-Giants game. When guys take me to sporting events, that’s the best thing they can do,” she says. Season tickets to the Phillies aren’t an automatic green light to Shupak’s heart. Crew togs and Diane von Furstenberg wrap dressses — in some of the summer’s most flirty and feminine frocks.



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