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For the reason, Obon is an important family gathering time, and many people return to their hometowns.Obon was originally celebrated around the 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar.Obon is one of the most important Japanese traditions.People believe that their ancestors' spirits come back to their homes to be reunited with their family during Obon and pray for the spirits.We could ravel on for hours about how delicious our fresh food is but why not pop into our amazing cafe and try it yourself.Ask Rachelle for a sample of one of our delectable canape’s.Our forte is creating amazing experiences for any type of function or event, we can tailor an exciting menu for any budget from -0 per head. Supplying delicious food which is sure to excite and satisfy your staff, clients or guests comes in all shapes and sizes, our catering specialties are: – Sandwich Catering – Corporate Catering – Events Catering Download Our catering Menu Give Rachelle a call on (02) 9679 2731 to discuss your requirements and make this the best event, meeting, or social gathering you’ve ever experienced.


We specialize in ultra cool canapes, fabulous fruit platters, finger food and amazing antipasto for any event in the region.Fresh and Simple specialises in gourmet, fresh, cafe style food to be eaten in house or on the run.Our cozy cafe seats up to 40 people but make sure you’re quick as seats fill up fast around lunch.Obon periods are nowadays different in various regions of Japan.

In most regions, Obon is celebrated around August 15, and it typically begins 13th and ends 16th of August.In some areas in Tokyo, Obon is celebrated around July 15, and it is still celebrated on the 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar in many areas in Okinawa.



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