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Some computer viruses can also destroy files, reformat your hard drive, or cause other damage. ko, Quest CD Virus, CD-1 Virus, CD1processor hog Cellery virus, AKA: Cellery-A, W32/Cellery-A, game that runs when the OS starts. Feads, in Pest Control Cydoor adware, Soft Click Optimization Engine delivers advertising to a targeted audience Daemon Tools adware, Comes with adware but it can be unchecked, Daemon Tools When USave Toolbar, Daemon Tools Lite, DT Pro Trial Dana Email Hoax is written in Portuguese Danmec.b Trojan Win32, W32 Darth_Vader.344, Darth_Vader.255. DATARAPE, file infector, D Rape 21 Drive-by-Download downlo0ads a program without your knowledge Droneware takes remote control of the computer to send spam or to display Porn Dropper Program or a Virus Dropper will run to install a virus, Trojan Horse or Worm Druid Virus, Druid-2, Druid.313, Druid.377-B, Druid.377 Dudley Virus, MSDOS, No_Frills. If the virus does not contain a damage routine, it can cause trouble by consuming storage space and memory, and degrading the overall performance and resources of your computer. Pro Rat.32 Back Time Virus, backtime virus, Prague virus, Blinker virus, Shaker virus, Pizza virus, Plastic Bad Boy Virus, Bad Boy Virus, 1000. slows pc CELCOM Screen Saver Email Hoax Century Virus, Suriv 3.00 virus Cerburus Virus, Cerburus-C, Virus. Cerberus.1353, Cerburus, Cerberus-1353 CFSK Virus, CFSK.918 virus, Virus. Cfsk.918.a, Cfsk.918.a, CFSK, Chad Virus File Infection, Chad.750 CIH Virus, Chernobyl Virus, Spacefiller Virus Civil War Virus, Civil War II Anti Virus, Civil War III Anti Virus, Civil War IV Virus Civil War V Virus, Civil War Virus, Virus. Civil War.282, Virus: DOS/Civil_War.279 Ck Sum Virus, ck Sum.exe, bad tcp cksum Clip Genie adware, Clip Genie, Adware. B, Darth_Vader.200, Darth_Vad Darth Vader 3, Darth 4 Darth.201 , Darth_Vader.200 Darthvad.200. Darth Darxite Daemon v0.4 password authentication Das Auge 1.1 is a password guesser Das_Dropper! Dropper Das Hacker Archiv Dialer Debugger Deeyenda Email Hoax FCC WARNING!!!!! Diablo Trojan, Troj/Diablo Trojan, Diablo hack data file, Diablo.a, The El Diablo virus Div X Pro 5.1, Div X Player, Torrent Dll Virus, DLL files, Virus/Trojan Dial Virus, A Dial up Virus, Dial V for Virus, Dialer Dialing software Dima Virus, Disinfection Dismember Virus, Dismember.288 Virus, Search.288 Disney Email Hoax," thank you for signing up for Bill Gates' Beta Email Tracking." Disk Killer Virus, Orge Virus, "Don't turn off the power or remove the diskette while disk killer" Distributed Deniel-of-Servive Attack DDo S Div X Video player adware, Div X Video Codec, Div X Converter, pay for view DVD Dloadr ZP Trojan Horse, uses Putin Death Hoax, subject line, President of Russia has died DNSChanger Trojan can control network routers, adds rogue name servers Do Do Virus, Do Do.2456 Virus, Do Do, Doodle Virus, Yankee Doodle Virus, Dollar Revenue, Dollar Revenue, W32, uses 47 DAT files Doomjuice worm launch a denial of service Do S attack, looks for open TCP ports Downloader. AQMI Trojan Horse Fileins Downloader-UA-h Trojan Horse Download Ware is Adware, Also known as Media Loads Clip Genie, Installs through Actice X Downadup Worm, Downanduo worm, uses Auto Play Auto Run Downandup/Conficker worm uses Auto Play and Auto Run Do you want to learn how to protect your computer? Dudley Dump, Size and Limit Dump Volume Dust virus AKA: Duts, Dtus & Win CE4. This code arose from the dust of Permutation City Dutch Virus, Dutch Tiny Virus, Dutch Tiny-117, Dutch Tiny-124, Dutch Tiny-99 D Tiny Virus, Variant of the Tiny family, Trojan. Are you infested with pop-up ads, new toolbars in your browser, is your home page changed or are you bombarded with irritating spam? A, Top Moxie Eclypse Virus Xylo Spyware Economic Slow Down Email Hoax, Avert Hoax Notice!! Perhaps your computer is running very slow or worst, you can't get on the internet. EDV Virus Resident Boot Virus EMF Virus, EMF 625 Virus, Screaming Fist Virus, Stranger Virus, encrypted EICAR Virus. If it replicates, then it should be classified as a virus. Bad Brains.570, Bad Brains.570, Bad Command or Filename, Bad Command at startup Bad Sectors 1.2 Virus infect the users computer usually by email, Bad Sec Bad Times Email Hoax Bad 389 Virus, Bad.389 virus, Gdog. Bagel, mass mailing worm, uses a graphic of 3 cherries Bad Trans. With Best Wishes Berbew Trojan Horse retrieves passwords stored in infected computers Beta Virus, N Beta Virus Beva-32 Virus activates on the 22nd of any given month. A Trojan, coined from Greek mythology's Trojan horse, typically comes in good packaging but has some hidden malicious intent within its code. Beva-33 Virus activates on January 1st of any year Beva-96 Virus activates on July 4th of any year. C, disables Task Manager, Note Pad, hides Start button Black Knight Virus memory resident virus formats c to F drives, Commodore Amiga Black Monday Virus, "Black Monday 2/3/90 KV KL MAL", AKA Border Line Virus Blackjack Virus, Black Jack Virus, Falling Letters virus Cascade-17Y4 virus Blaster Worm, also known as Lovsan or Lovesan W32. Worm, MSBlast DCOM RPC Blaze Virus, Death Blaze Virus, Virus. Blaze.284 Bljec Virus, Bljec #1 Virus, Black jec, BLJEC-1, Black Jec-358, Baack Jec.358. A DA-3732 File Infestion Virus DA-3732-2 File Infection Virus DA.282 File Infection Virus, Virus. Like biological viruses, computer viruses can spread quickly and are often difficult to eradicate. Bouncing Ball Virus, Bouncing Bot, Ping Pong Virus, a small ball bounces on the screen Brador Pocket PC virus, AKA: Win CE. Crusaders, FMJ, Goddamn Butterflies Butthole Virus generated encrypted Caco-Daemon Virus C-A-D Virus, CAD Kill Virus, Auto Cad, Cager virus, Cager.a, Cager.a Trojan through porn websites California IBM Email Hoax Cat-Colonic Email Hoax Cavity Virus, A cavity virus attempts to install itself inside of the file it is infecting. O, Malta Casper Virus, Casper.exe, Casper Anti Virus, V2PX.

Trojans cause damage, unexpected system behavior, and compromise the security of systems, but do not replicate. [email protected], Win32 system Bak Virus, Troj/Banker-BAK Bamestra Malware, Virus. Behavior Blocking AKA Sandblocking Benoit Virus is a encrypted computer virus Best Wishes Virus, AKA: Best Wishes-970, This program...

When a Trojan is executed users will likely experience unwanted system problems in operation, and sometimes loss of valuable data. BFD Virus, Boot EXE-452 = sector eleven virus strain Bifrost is a backdoor Trojan Horse Big Brother Email Hoax Bill Gates Email Hoax, Bill Gates is not going to pay you to forward emails. Bit Addict Virus "You have a good taste for hard drives, it was delicious!!! A Block Checker adware, MSN Block Checker, Triple, Agent Detector, Messenger Polygamy Bloodhound. A, Microsoft's CE OS Brain virus is one 9of the earlist virus dating back to 1986, virus to infect IBM PCs BREACH Trojan Horse, opens ports and takes control of the computer Brothers Virus, Brothers.3 and Murphy Brothers Browser Helper Object BHO BHOs Browser Hijacker is a malware or spyware that changes your computers home page. Tiny.126, Dutch Tiny, Dutch Tiny.126, Virus: DOS/Dutch_Tiny.126 D.2631 Virus, Virus.

A computer virus is a program of executable code that has the ability to replicate. PDF.1 contains malicious Java Script Blood Lust Virus, Blood Lust Virus, Blood Virus, Blood 2 Virus, File infected by Blood Virus version 1.20, JMP statement E9 Blueman Email Hoax, Blue Man Email Hoax Botnet is a jargon term for a collection of software robots, or bots. Browser Plug-in, Browser Plunin, Plugin toolbar Bryansk Virus, activates before BRYANSK 1992, BITE 0.01 (C) Bubbles 2 Virus, Aqua Bubbles 2, IVP.684, IVP.684. Bubbles virus Bubbles Virus, Bubbles Virus Admiral Bailey IVP Bubonic Virus, Bubonic Plague Virus BUDDYLIST. ZIP Email Hoax Bud Frogs Screen Saver Email Hoax Budo Virus "Flow like a river Strike like a thunder andrun time error" Budweiser Frogs Virus Hoax, Screensaver Message Buffer Overrun Unchecked Buffer Bugslife Screensaver Email Hoax, Bugs Life Screen Saver Email Hoax Bundle Bundling Burger Virus, Cheese Burger Virus Burghofer Virus, Burn4Free adware, Burn 4 Free, Free DVD Copy, CD Burner, freeware Busted Virus, VSUM, Program too big to fit in memory Butterfly Virus.

Several years ago most viruses spread primarily via floppy disk, but the Internet has introduced new virus distribution mechanisms. Clip Genie, mcg.exe, adware.dware, dowmloads Checksum Virus, Win HKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus Clickbot Cluster Virus can infect your files without changing a single byte in the infected file Code Red Worm, W32/Bady, I-Worm. A-1 CRF Virus, W32/Rbot-CRF CSL Virus, Microelephant, Text . -----DEEYENDA PLAGUES INTERNET Deloader virus W32/scans for for open 445 TCP/IPor Microsoft-DS ports. COM files Demon Virus, Z-Demon virus, Word Macro/Demon. Despite Email Hoax, "computers in your network is already infected by DESPITE-virus." Danger of a Computer Virus DHL delivery service.


If so, your PC is most likely infected with adware, anti adware, spyware, spybot, trojans, viruses or another internet parasite. More than 60,000 viruses have been identified, and new viruses are created every day, according to the International Computer Security Association. EICAR, Europeon Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Resereach EICAR Test File Elfbowl Email Hoax, Elf Bowl Email Hoax, Subject: FW: VIRUS ALERT!!!! A Trojan is malware that performs unexpected or unauthorized, often malicious, actions. Elk Cloner The 1st Virus in 1982 Email Virus Danger Email-Worm.



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