Java code for validating date

*/ public class Multi Format Date Validation { /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { println("Starting Data Validation Check"); /* Below Test Case is format and validity test.

* 2012 was a leap year and hence 29 is a valid date. */ is Date Valid("02/29/2012 "); } /* * Core Function for validation check.

* So, for this implementation, we prepare an array that contains the formats against which we will * perform validation test.

* Next, we loop the entire array and test against each format.

* */ public static boolean is Date Valid(String date Value) { boolean return Val = false; /* * Set the permissible formats.

* A better approach here would be to define all formats in a .properties file * and load the file during execution.

Catch parse exception to test if validation failed. Loop the above process for the set of formats against which the validation needs to be performed.

* If the validation fails, test for other formats till array iteration is completed.

* If it passes for a given format, break the loop and exit.


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