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China's top legislative body this week passed a cybersecurity law that elevates the formally 'low-level regulations' applied across the nation in areas such as security, online speech, and citizen rights.

The most recent Summer Olympiad staked its place in history as the competition with the highest levels of digital engagement than any previous Olympic Games.

Business users find high-capacity USB thumb drives to be fast, convenient, and the perfect personal cloud. If protecting confidential data is important, here's a USB thumb drive that will do the job.

On the sidelines of the Structure Security conference in San Francisco, Arthur Coviello, a venture partner with Rally Ventures, talks about why we need to get ahead of security risks as the Internet of Things flourishes.

However, users of Windows Vista may find Desktop Maestro being blocked by User Account Control.

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8 provides flexibility when creating desktop and laptop backups.

We look at some of the key technology numbers behind the Rio events.



Jay Leek, chief information security officer at Blackstone, says the private equity giant has automated much of its security operations as well as initial investigations.

The move has enabled his human security analysts to be more productive and focus on more high-value work. USB armory is the real deal for anyone looking to protect and control their personal digital privacy and security. Plenty of connected cameras are suitable for monitoring your home or office, but Netgear's new Arlo is completely wireless and comfortably waterproof, with infrared built in for night and dark areas. Sonic WALL's feature-packed TZ 210 gateway security appliance is capable of protecting all kinds of networks at a very affordable price.


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