Jeana keough who is she dating Chat lines in dallas texas


However, she refuses to share a lot about Matt and about the failed marriage.

The relationship between her children and Matt is also not known to public.

She also starred in many TV series in small roles like Pink Lady, The A Team, Cheers and others.

In 2006, she was casted in The Real Housewives of Orange County.

You would remember seeing Jeana Keough in ZZ Top and also in Playboy magazine. She is a real estate sales person in California and is a very common household name after starring in Real Housewives of Orange County, a reality TV show. She did her schoolings in Wisconsin and took up modeling.

She was married to Matt Keough, a major league baseball player of Oakland Athletics.


The level of intimacy between her boyfriend and her has been discussed a lot in the reality show.But, she confessed that she did not like the way the show made her boyfriend look like to the public. As per the rumors, there are no fights or problem in her love life. She also appeared in many movies like The Capture of Bigfoot, Up the Creek, 10 to Midnight, Six Pack and many others.


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