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Jehovah’s Witnesses are always on the lookout for “bad influences” – constantly on guard against anyone who might be “an apostate” or an expelled JW that must be “shunned.” Witnesses can not have deep theological discussions even between themselves, because they might venture into “apostasy” or generate self-doubt about their beliefs as they actually do honest research.They have to shun others, even their closest friends and family members who have been identified by the elders as “apostates,” “unworthy,” or “sinful persons.” They have to shun even those who committed no sin, but may have asked too many questions, or expressed doubt about certain Watchtower doctrines or policy.Instead of getting a college education, they need to learn to become janitors and window washers.Having “wordly friends” like kids at school or in those living their neighborhood is discouraged – and by some JW parents, strictly forbidden. There really isn’t anything for young JWs to do and their pool of friends is often quite small. Preaching door to door has become passe, not to mention being nerve-wracking drudgery.Somehow skirts for women, and ties for men, are thought to make the public think JWs are “more Christian,” and “setting a good example to glorify Jehovah.” Really?

The brothers are expected to wear long sleeves and ties to conventions being held in sports arenas and ballparks.They have to be wary of being too honest about their feelings, or questioning the elders about confusing Bible passages and outdated teachings in the organization’s literature – or else they could find themselves shunned and ignored – forced to be separated from family and friends.Jehovah’s Witnesses are alway seen as “being different.” You have to wear a suit and tie when you go to the Kingdom Hall or field service – even on the hottest and most uncomfortable days.If the only teenagers in your hall are all under 16, you are doomed.

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Posted by The Editor on Jul 12, 2015 in Blog, Featured, General, Shunning Policy | 25 comments The facts are clear. They can not look forward to birthdays or holidays, engaging in school sports, clubs, or other after school activities.


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