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She likes to be alone, but she really doesn’t like to be alone, you know what I mean? However, when you love somebody, and I am sure there are people out there who can say different, and there are a lot of people out there who would agree, that yeah, I had this guy and he walked all over me, and I couldn’t leave because there was just whatever it is that kept them together. ” (Laughs) JACQUELINE: I did not think about the baby bump, although I thought about all the things I could put in the baby bump, such as the lipstick, lip gloss and hair brush … Steffy is a wild child, and then everything just stops!

Yes, the famous song, , just might be apropos here!

The sexy star of B&B, Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood has had the unique challenge over the last few years to make the once despised Steffy, into a more complex and well-rounded character …

In addition, Jacqueline opens up about the heartbreaking final departures of Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and Ronn Moss (Ridge), and the impact both of these legendary and iconic stars has had on her.

But the big question remains: Will Steffy win her man, even it means using her unborn child to do it?

Perhaps holding on to Liam, is important to her because she does not want to lose one more thing in her life, even though there is all this back and forth between Hope, Liam and Steffy.

JACQUELINE: It’s hard for her to say goodbye and hard for her to leave. I was not expecting that, because we were filming such big scenes with the nightclub scene, and with her motorcycle.

so much so that even with her machinations, fans are rooting for her to finally win the heart of her man, Liam!But just how will things unfold after Liam finds out he is the baby daddy to Steffy’s growing little bundle of joy?Mac Innes Wood weigh-ins and offers us her birds-eye perspective! As an actor, when I read the script I have to figure out, where is this coming from?I just think back to all the things Steffy has been through. That is where I think it stems from with her father leaving her, losing her sister, her mom sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend, etc. MICHAEL: Steffy has had such a great sense of loss.

had thrown everything but the kitchen sink into the everlasting triangle of young loves, Hope (Kim Matula), Liam (Scott Clifton), and Steffy (Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood), comes one more item to throw into the frying pan! just as Hope and Liam have finally found there way back to each other, well sort of.

It’s often hard to tell just where Liam stands in the situation, as he seems to have a magnetic pull towards both women, that often times leaves him torn!


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