Jewish dating beliefs

35: "Be Easy to Live With," we had drawn up our own list of Rules: * Never accept a second date from a man who asks the waiter for a "slice" of demitasse.

My mother, who is 84 and resembles the late Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg), with her malapropisms: ("It's late, Malka, and time to expire"), met me at Borders Bookstore.We were looking for a humorous book for a 'SJF" (Single Jewish Female).They were offering a full refund on fur coats if it snows six inches or more; 50% refund for three inches. He knew right away that I carried a K'nippel (money tied in a knot in the corner of a handkerchief), and that my father called me "ziskeit" (sweet thing).I told him that my dad was a kosher butcher and that we'd always eat well.

And I even admitted that my favorite drink was an "egg cream." The only thing he didn't know was that my biggest fear was that I'd be an "alteh moid" (an old maid). l7: "Don't accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday." Why even in the early '50s, we all adhered to this practice.

We'd rather sit home alone-- depressed and pouting--than accept a date late in the week By the time we got to Rule No.


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