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This act solidified the faith of many others, so that the bank could emerge again as a viable institution. Cunningham's papers are of a scattered and miscellaneous nature.The papers came from the Moore-Cunningham mansion on Warm Springs Avenue, the family home since 1891. They enjoyed forty-eight years together, sharing mutual tastes and exhibiting gentility toward each other until the end.The collection includes letters, personal papers, business records, memorabilia, and photos from four generations, beginning with C. Moore (1835-1916), founder of Idaho's first chartered national bank. In 1907 they toured Europe for three months with Lyman and Nellie Kendall in the Kendalls' new motor car, along with a chauffeur who went along to make repairs. Cunningham was a stabilizing force during the bank closure in 1932 when he left all their personal funds in the bank during its closure. He served as vice president of the bank until his death on March 30, 1946. Cunningham was appointed president of the Western Loan and Investment Company in the 1930s and also served in that capacity until his death. A History of the Development of the Electric Industry in Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon, 1887-1943, With Reference to Idaho Power Company and its Predecessors. Kendall, discussing the stock market, particular stocks, and the impact of World War I on investments. Educated in public schools in Boise, she continued her education in Massachusetts at Bradford Junior College and then at Northwestern University in Illinois, where she received a diploma in elocution in 1890.


The largest body of personal letters belongs to Laura Moore Cunningham, one of the leaders of the Boise civic and social life during the first half of the twentieth century. Moore in 1867 (First National Bank) was changed to Idaho First National Bank during the 1930s. Copyright to this collection remains with the heirs. She consulted with Cornelia Conger, Fanny Cobb, Nellie Kendall, and later, in the 1940s, with Cornelia Hart Farrer, on issues of decoration and the purchase of furnishings, draperies, vases, and other accoutrements. She personally oversaw the planting and care of her extensive garden behind the family home on Warm Springs Avenue.Her papers shed light on her civic and philanthropic activities, education, travel, and personal and literary interests. [item description], Moore, Cunningham, and Bettis Family Papers, Box [number] Folder [number], Boise State University Special Collections and Archives. Three gardeners worked for her keeping the lawn and gardens. Karker (1875-1964) was Laura Cunningham's cook for years.


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