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The archetype of the Jewish matchmaker goes back long before "Fiddler on the Roof" danced her into the mainstream. She has expanded business and manages thousands of clients. New Yorker Marc Goldmann, the founder of JRetro, was no stranger to matchmaking or to online dating. "I had issues with the sites regarding their privacy, how personalized it was," he says of cruising the Internet for missus material. He built a social-networking Web site, beefed up the application process, increased the privacy, and hired just under 50 matchmakers to sort through members' profiles.

If they like one of the chosen profiles, they can ask for a date.

Since the site's founding in August 2006, 10 couples have married. The key to the success, says Goldmann, is the matchmaking corps.

And she knows a thing or two about looking for love.

"I actually got married at 40," says Silver-Winick, "so I went through, pretty much, 20 years of dating.


One of the site's top matchmakers, Lesley Silver-Winick, has 250 profiles under her personal command - and that's before she chats with her colleagues to research the site's approximately 7,000 members."I always let my members know," says Silver-Winick, "I say, I will search for you weekly ... On Sundays I can put in seven to nine hours." The beauty of the job, for Silver-Winick, once a social worker for the city of Toronto, is that she can do it from home.


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