Jewish men dating watches

You'd probably have to contact Alain Silberstein directly for more details. It is based on the lunar, rather than solar calendar more than the Gregorian calendar.There are other calendars out there too that I am not familiar with that have the date as something else still. Think back to the turn of the century when such a big deal was made about the year 2000.It did feel like a big change, as though something special would happen.Then again, if you think about it from a logical standpoint, it is just an arbitrary number, as are most calendars. Most calendars "began" counting based on some religious event.So many years later, we forget to an extent that the beginning dates of these calendar systems is so arbitrary.For the vast majority of Jewish people, having a Hebrew calendar on their wrist would serve little to no purpose.It just isn't that important unless you are a Rabbi - and even then this might be a little showy as a watch for a pious man right? Seen above are two models that take on the challenge.

On the Jewish/Hebrew calendar scale the year is 5770.The Gregorian calendar that is the universal standard for the US and business all over the world has the year at 2009.For religious Jews, the Hebrew calendar is important to keep track of. I want to give credit to Business Montres that pointed out this line of watches to me. I recall seeing from time to time watches that have alternative calendars on them as opposed to the distinct focus of the Gregorian calendar.Admittedly, such complications are niche directed only.

Still, they have lots of meaning for us both actual and symbolic. He always has something interesting to say in regard to the topics of his discussion.

So part of the point is that the Gregorian calendar is the only one out there. French watch brand (and watch maker with wild mustache) Alain Silberstein is one of the only watch brands I know to take on the challenge of making a watch with the Hebrew calendar on it.


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