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She was born in AR 16 March 1869 and died in Plainview 3 June 1928. Amelia Duncan Allen 22 April 2007 My name is Amelia Duncan Allen and I am doing research on my family. TL Mauldin 22 April 2007 Mauldin - My Great Grandparents are buried at Dacus. His father may have been Lonnie Cecil b.1900 in Logan, his father William Madison b.1866 Arkansas, and his father William Johnson who d. Sandy 03 February 2007 Looking for info on a Tom Dobbins family who lived in Danville in 1947. Sharon Hale 03 February 2007 My father, Lendol Hale, was born in Yell County on January 5, 1923. This cemetery was not marked but appeared to be a family cemetery (Nelms primarily). Fergeson, born 1830 in Virginia, died 1910 in Yell County, Arkansas. I am trying to find out her maiden name and anything else about her anyone may have. I found a previous query about Bobby (Cook) Larson that references Thomas and Harriet Mauldin. He is a descendant of the Hardin George and Angeline Miller George line. Can you help by giving me the location of the Valentine Cemetery in reference to these two cemeteries? Thanks for your kind words about our webpage and your interest. However, I'm still searching for the interment site of my grandfather Crocket Collins from Yell County. My husband's great-grandmother was Emily King Rounsaville, Patrick's daughter. Emily also had a sister Louisa Rebecca King who married Hartwell Byrd Rounsaville, Franklin Rounsaville's brother. If anyone one has pictures, information on businesses, schools or families from Plainview, please contact me. However, I cannot find a listing for a Yell County cemetery by that name. These queries are placed on this page in the hope that someone will be able to make a family connection. Unfortunately my cousins were not able to answer this question. Anita Stevenson 03 February 2007 Can someone tell me why the Cemetery Marker in front of the Smith Family Cemetery says "Established 1800" -- when the earliest burial there is 1858? Also, need addresses of descendants so they will receive information on the celebration. I think he has a great-granddaughter in the Dardanelle area named Lola Jane (Darnon) Pemberton. Angela Femrite 18 July 2006 I am looking for proof of the middle name of Henry M. They are placed in the order that they were received. He had a daughter (I assume from a previous marriage) named Bertha Bowden born about 1895, and she had a daughter, Mattie Frances Nix born about 1896, from a previous marriage to my G-Grandfather. However it was suggested that he might have been laid to rest in a cemetery that isn't currently being used. I've been unsuccessful in finding Yell County Cemetery index information online. Coral Stone 03 February 2007 I am looking for the 2nd family of Lonnie (Alonzo? Should anyone have a clue, please contact me using the subject 'Your William Walker Family'. Jane 01 September 2006 I am searching for anyone with connections to the Dilbecks or Frosts in Yell County. Annette Mc Clenahan 01 September 2006 I am looking for information on Addie Hunt Webb (buried in Riley Creek).



We will continue, however, to help as much as we can with questions about researching in Yell County. Sally (Scott) Von Bruenchenhein 04 February 2007 I am looking for information about John Scott b. I believe he probably died in Yell County, but it could also be Polk Co. Le Moyne Jones 30 July 2006 I am trying to locate any information about my great-grandfather, John Darnon who came to Dardanelle on a steam boat that broke down sometime around the 1880's. He was later widowed, remarried and had sons William Darnon, Brad Darnon and maybe other children.

Also, any corrections to e-addresses will be accepted. 1804, on to OH, then to IN, after 1865 migrated to AR, we think those cold IN winters might have been the reason. Will Christensen 06 March 2007 I'm looking for information on former baseball pitcher James Huey Walkup (cousin of James Elton Walkup), who was born in Havana, Nov. 1780 in North Carolina, married to Elizabeth Andersen and later to Elizabeth Brown. Odetha Baribeau 03 February 2007 Thanks to a query on this site from about one year ago, I located some of my Collins cousins from Yell County. Sharon Hamilton 01 September 2006 I am writing the history of Plainview and adding the history of surrounding communities for the Plainview 100th Birthday to be celebrated in 2007. He stayed and became a commercial fisherman on the Arkansas River. I was told he was buried in an unmarked grave at a cemetery called Mars Hill.


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