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I feel chuffed just to have shared a day in the mix and experience a truly DIY aff... Thankfully, I feel extremely capable of building habitual use of these tools into my everyday life - and this bump in the road has reminded me just how important that is. Adversity can definitely bring us down, but I now realise that if I view it as an opportunity for growth, learning, and ultimately - positive change - I can embrace anything that life throws at me. Sometimes hard moments link together, seemingly endlessly, end-on-end. If not, I won't discount the fact that doing things people appreciate is an important contribution to the universe - even if the man behind it all is a little misunderstood.Because I cannot give anything to anyone else if I am broken down. It ain't a bed of roses, but enjoy the struggles for what they teach you. That happened in my life during a six month depression, earlier this year. I know what I'm doing is a completely fruitless process, toxic But still I dwell. I take solace in the fact I've been here before. Before any urine or blood cultures are returned, there's plenty of guesswork in how the Dr's treat me. I pinch myself that I not only get to meet people as cool as Georgia + Myles' but I get a VIP ticket to a day this amazing. And hope that one day, they can look back at those bad moments and realise that instead of being broken, turns out - they were being built. I could count maybe three or four people in my 27 years on this earth that I felt that sense of understanding with.Those heartbreaks which I made it through, but now have no bearing on my pschye - this will be one of those soon. They had me at "rent an old hall, organise some Paella and make sure the dancefloor can handle some Hall & Oates". It seems ridiculous now, but I've realised that I need that understanding of me, from a partner.

Enjoy xx I am still all kinds of warm and fuzzy from Georgia + Myles' Samford Showgrounds wedding. It's important to build a structure, processes and habits around maintaining our mental wellbeing - but I am yet to lock that into my life. Considering the low frequency at which I have met "those" people, I'm at peace with the fact that it could be years, decades or a lifetime of solitude ahead. I'm building myself - pursuing my dreams, passions, and goals.

These guys are the most amazing, fun-loving pair and are surrounded by some legendary (seriously legendary) family and friends. Sign up to my mailing list here - because I'll soon be sending out my first ever newsletter - anytime in the next year.... Thanks to the patient folk who signed up after my very first blog, or any time after - you legends! There I was, surrounded by family and friends for my beautiful nephew's first birthday - but I was just flatlining. Because I've just dabbled with the awesome new tools I've learnt, rather than really committing to doing them daily, just like I've definitely discovered the tools I need, but a car doesn't get serviced because we have all the right tools - it is the time and care we spend on the process of a service that determines how it runs, and whether it breaks down. I've come to view the "bad" things that have happened in my life, as some of the most important. If she lies on that path, the universe will have shown me grace.


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