Jorge ramos dating

The same way it's been happening for the past two hundred years.

The famously anti-Trump TV host Jorge Ramos comments on the Republican candidate's 'pivot.' "If he wants to flip-flop on immigration, I think it is already too late," Ramos said Tuesday. Some people defend Trump, saying he was only referring to undocumented imigrants.

Jorge Ramos and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the Brown & Black Presidential Forum at Sheslow Auditorium at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

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"Whiteness" is a made up construct used by people of the past to subjugate other people. (Hint: Think of a group that rhymes with JJJ.) Donald J.


You know who has historically been the leader and topdogs in racial hierarchy dating back to the conception of the United States? I don't know anything about Trump being racist towards Ramos, but I can tell you that claiming Ramos as a "white man" in order to escape such accusations is baseless and argument from falacy.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who already has a dismal reputation among U. Hispanics, found himself in a confrontation Tuesday with Spanish media's most well-known journalist, Jorge Ramos of Univision.


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